Meet Elise Roug

Meet Elise Roug

Elise Roug, LCPC

Elise is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in: 

  • Teens, young adults, adults, and families
  • Brainspotting Professional
  • Mental Health First Aid Facilitator

Elise has spent much of her career working with youth and their families in community settings in the North Shore area. For the past five years, Elise worked at the YMCA providing emotional support and crisis stabilization services at a sleepaway summer camp. Elise aided in the creation of restorative justice framework for youth throughout her time at the YMCA. She has experience as a supervisor for family visitation ensuring the safety of children while working to reunify families. Elise is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she received her Bachelor of Art in Psychology and earned a Master of Science in Education from Northern Illinois University. Elise is a Mental Health First Aid facilitator and a proud advocate of elevating mental health training at youth community agencies.

Elise and her partner currently reside in a condo in Chicago, but still find a way to house their many plants and herbs. Elise finds gardening to be extremely therapeutic and can get lost in her garden for hours. Elise spends her free time running and biking, and loves to test out her athleticism in races throughout the year.