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A Little Bit about Therapeutic Parenting

If you’re living with a kid who struggles with emotional and behavioral problems, we imagine you’d like to see your kid’s emotional outbursts and behavioral tantrums go away. We get it: it’s painfully difficult living with or under the nearly constant threat of those behaviors.

And we imagine that, though you’ve used all the tools in your parenting toolbox, you still feel unsuccessful helping your child.

That’s where the healing skills of parenting, known as therapeutic parenting, come into play. Therapeutic parenting is something completely different from traditional parenting. It is consciously using as many interactions as we can with your kid to create healing opportunities.

Family Training & Support

At House Calls Counseling we have a learning program, Parenting in SPACE®, to help you shift from “traditional” to “therapeutic” parenting. We’ll help you gain new understanding and expectations of your child based on their history. We’ll help you develop a more in-depth understanding that your child’s dysregulated behaviors are an emotional expression related to that history. And we’ll teach and support you to practice the skills of therapeutic parenting by learning how to provide Safety, Support, Structure, and Supervision while being Playful, Accepting, Curious, and Empathic.

In other words, we’ll help you to feel like the successful parent you want to be for your child.

Therapy Services

Workshops for Groups, Organizations, and Conferences

In addition to providing individualized learning experiences for caregivers, we have presented tailor-made workshops at parent support groups, parent-teacher associations, foster parent groups, school special education departments, and professional conferences. From one-hour to full-day programs, our presentations are consistently given high ratings for the depth of their content combined with a fun and engaging presentation. We would be pleased to bring our workshops to your group!

We understand how hard it can be to recognize that you need help for yourself or someone you love. We also know it can be really difficult getting the help once you’ve made a decision. So we provide psychotherapy throughout Chicagoland in the most comfortable place of all – your own home – to make it feel more comfortable, more convenient, and more private. Contact us today, we are here to help.

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