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We figure you’re here because you’d like support with a life-challenge you or a loved one are experiencing. Let us be here for you. With insight and joy our therapists are dedicated to helping you experience ways of being that move beyond what holds you to the past and what presses on you today. We help the people we work with to experience life to its fullest.

In the Comfort of Your Home or Our Comfortable Offices

We’ve met children, youth, and families where they are at – both in their homes and emotionally – for over 20 years.

We are still meeting people in their homes, because we want to make our services the most comfortable, convenient, and safe for you and those you care for. Only now we're entering through the screen with telehealth instead of entering through your door. It's our way of keeping us all safe from Covid-19.

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House Calls Counseling

Some of the ways we approach treatment.

Our therapists have advanced training in attachment, trauma, and adoption. We understand that for individuals who had adverse experiences in childhood, especially in early childhood, their brains, minds, and bodies often struggle later in life to function well and they experience challenges in their social, emotional and physical health.

And we’ve learned that treating those issues requires approaches that go well beyond traditional talk therapy. That’s why our psychotherapists create unique pathways to healing for each individual or family’s needs. We integrate many approaches to healing including Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy®, Brainspotting, and Parenting in SPACE®.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

is a treatment approach that builds and supports the relationship between parents and children, especially children who have experienced trauma in early childhood.


is a powerful treatment method that is a mind-body approach to treatment. Recognizing that “where you look affects how you feel,” it helps people identify, process and release the sources of their struggles.

Parenting in SPACE®

is an approach to therapeutic parenting based on Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy that was developed by Billy Kaplan and the psychotherapists of House Calls Counseling.

Adoption-Competent Providers

As adoption-competent psychotherapists, we understand that the roots of emotional and behavioral challenges for some adopted children and teens stems from trauma, and by the unique experiences of being an adoptee. And we believe that adoptive parents are best supported by psychotherapists who understand the complexities of those issues and the adoption-triad.

adoption-competent therapist

We understand how hard it can be to recognize that you need help for yourself or someone you love. We also know it can be really difficult getting the help once you’ve made a decision. So we provide psychotherapy throughout Chicagoland in the most comfortable place of all – your own home – to make it feel more comfortable, more convenient, and more private. Contact us today, we are here to help.

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