Why House Calls Matter

Why House Calls Matter

By Irv Kaplan

This article was written by my blessed father who, now in his eighties, has embarked on a journey of revelation through writing. When he sent me this piece, and reminded me of the story which I’d heard occasionally throughout my life, it came together for me where I may have gotten the idea for House Calls Counseling!

– Billy Kaplan, HCC President & Clinical Director

Dr. Barron, the pediatrician, came highly recommended. We didn’t meet him until he checked our first baby in the hospital. Our son had a double hernia, and Dr. Barron recommended surgery.

The surgery went well, and my wife I were instructed that we should try to soothe the baby as much as possible. So, when we got home, we held him a lot to keep him from crying.

This worked fine.

About three days later, at 11 p.m., our son was sleeping like a baby should be. Not a peep out of him. Butmy wife broke down. I was shocked because I knew that she was experienced with children. She had been a babysitter in her teens for people living in her building, and her mother had been nearby if needed. Now, she sobbed, “I am a bad mother. I am not doing anything right. And it is probably my fault that he had a hernia.”

I tried to comfort her, to no avail. She cried and cried. I couldn’t call her mother because her parents didn’t drive and lived far away.

I decided to call Dr. Barron.

I said to him, “The baby is sleeping and in no pain, but my wife is a basket case. She is crying hysterically, and feels like she is a bad mother. I don’t know what to do to help her.”

He replied, “I’m coming right over.” He stayed for several hours. My wife made him coffee and served some pastries. He talked to her, putting her at ease by reassuring her that she was in fact a good mother, taking good care of our son.

Not only did this resolve the problem, it never reoccurred, and Dr. Barron never even billed us for the call. We became his lifelong patients with our next two children, one of whom is Billy. And we never forgot that night.

Dr. Barron – now retired – was not only a fine physician, but also a great guy. It meant so much to my family for him to bring his wisdom, compassion, and healing presence into our home when we needed it the most.

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